Why we DON’T do CrossFit

And why we don’t think YOU should either…

Because you WILL GET HURT Yep I said it, so bring on the hate mail! At FITLIFE we get the question all the time so I thought I would address it and explain exactly WHY we don’t do CrossFit or CrossFit “like” workouts. The answer to this is really simple, the main goal of any Strength and Conditioning Coach “which is who we are” is to first and foremost prevent injuries. I know this doesn’t sound exciting and sexy but think about it for a second, think about a professional athlete who gets paid millions of dollars a year to throw a ball, the team needs that player in tip top shape, injury free all year round. If that player does get hurt it’s generally during a game, that’s fine it’s to be expected the “game” is an uncontrolled environment where anything goes to get the point and win BUT, should your workouts be like this game?

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Remember the reason for the workout in the first place; it’s to safely and progressively overload the body in a controlled environment, not to race the person next to you and do an exercise as fast as possible. When you race you are competing, when you are competing you are NOT working out. Your workout should be designed to train you just hard enough so that when your done you feel better then when you started. It’s not to say you shouldn’t compete! Competing is great it’s what you should be training for, but remember your workouts should get you better at the sport, event, game or just the stress of LIFE.

Think about the most valuable athletes in the world, pro football players, an Olympic figure skater or even a NASA astronaut, if they aren’t doing CrossFit maybe you shouldn’t either.