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Chris Sarver

Owner – Operator – Strength Coach

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Chris is certified CFSC (Certified Functional Strength Coach) and by the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) in Philadelphia, PA where he completed 500 hours of theory and practical training along with 100 hours of nutrition. Chris’s attention to detail and his passion for all facets of sports is evident and has been demonstrated throughout his body of work. He has lifelong experience in a variety of facets of the sports industry which includes starting his own business as a Strength and Conditioning coach in 2013-2018 for ice hockey players.

Chris moved on to positions that allowed him to fulfill his passion of training athletes to help them achieve their dreams of playing in the professional ranks. He trained a myriad of athletes ranging from youth, collegiate and professional players in baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. Chris was able to meet, assess and establish genuine relationships with parents, coaches, and players to partner with them in establishing and meeting their physical training goals. These relationships became the foundation for which he built skills to be a successful strength and conditioning coach, mentor and friend.

Chris has had several opportunities and experiences working with  players in ice hockey, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis and golf. As well as general fitness clientele. Chris is well versed and prepared to and addresses all his athletes/clients needs. Chris is eager and ambitious in continuing to seek professional development and continuing education to keep current in the ever-changing theories and training methods in the fitness industry.

Chris is highly dedicated to the best interests of his clients  while promoting honesty and integrity as an integral component of a successful athlete/client relationship. By serving as a primary contact to the athletes, Chris is known to effectively communicate everything from strength and conditioning to weight loss management and consultations. This allows the athlete/client to concentrate on being the best athlete they can on a playing field, court, or ice. Chris takes pride in his work and works closely with all his  athletes/clients in a manner that puts the athlete’s best interests first. Chris will work endlessly to put his  athletes/clients in the best possible position to be successful in their respective sport while also achieving their fitness goals.


Pete Chairmonte

FITLIFE Strength Coach – Expert in Training & Programming

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Introducing Peter Chairmonte, a highly skilled and passionate strength coach with a CFSC (Certified Functional Strength Coach) certification. With a focus on training young athletes from middle school through college and professional levels, Peter is dedicated to helping individuals maximize their potential both on and off the field. Peter Chairmonte is a respected strength coach, boxer, and MMA fighter with a passion for training and empowering young athletes. Peter is poised to make a profound impact on the athletic journeys of aspiring athletes at all levels.

Beyond his work as a strength coach, Peter is known for his unwavering commitment to personal growth and continuous learning. He stays updated with the latest training methodologies and sports science research, ensuring his athletes receive the most effective and up-to-date training techniques.




Pilates Coach – Expert in Pilates & Barre Training

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Anne’s passion for pilates began almost 13 years ago. She is a BASI certified instructor who brings knowledge of all the pilates apparatus to FITLIFE.

Anne is also an ACE certified fitness instructor who has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years, teaching all types of group exercise classes.

She has appeared in several instructor videos and is a former Reebok National Champion in the Mid Atlantic Region.