Are You Up for the 28 Day Transformation Challenge?

Many people join a gym, begin a diet or start a new workout routine with good intentions, but then for one reason or another, they lose their way. At our fitness center in Warminster, we see it all the time. People often fail to achieve their goals due to some of the following factors:

  • The gym, routine or diet isn’t about you. It’s isn’t catered to your specific needs.
  • There’s no deadline or endgame.
  • No one is there to challenge you and keep you on point.

You can break this cycle once and for all in just 28 days!

Unlike most workout routines, we cater the 28 Day Transformation Challenge to YOU and your unique goals. You’ll go through our GMP (Goals, Movement & Performance) Assessment so we can customize your challenge. Knowing you only have 28 days will push you to meet the challenge on time.


Your one-on-one assessment will determine your movement and performance goals so we can appropriately plan your personal training program.

Personalized Training Program

Your personalized program will consist of a two, three or four-day per week training program that is individually designed to suit your schedule and fitness level.

Supervised Coaching

During every one of your training sessions, you’ll receive supervision and coaching in our team training environment. You’ll work alongside fellow challenge participants, providing you with the expertise and motivation you need to accomplish your goals.

Meal Plan

A healthy diet is a vital part of this process. That is why we provide you with a transformation challenge meal planning guide that contains the exact nutrition strategy you’ll need to follow to achieve maximum results. Having a meal plan catered to your fitness goals, whether it’s burning fat or gaining muscle, is half the battle.

Private Nutritional Coaching Group

We’ll invite you to our Private Challenge Facebook Group, where you can connect with other challenge participants, discuss the challenges, seek advice and make friends! Plus, our coaching team is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Register Now!

To register for the 28 Day Transformation Challenge, click here! To find out more before you sign up, please call Jeff Ritter at 215-322-1499