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NEW Athletic Development Program @ FITLIFE

We are re-branding our sports training program. Starting May 12th, FITLIFE Performance Training will be running our new and improved Athletic Development Program.

FITLIFE Athletic Development Program

Each training session at FITLIFE is an hour and includes soft tissue work, movement preparation and neural activation, dynamic warm-up, corrective activities, linear and lateral speed development, and biomechanical drills to address movement efficiency.  The second half of the session is devoted to power and explosive development using plyometrics, functional strength training, core strengthening and other activities to help each athlete reach their goals.

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Is this the right diet/nutritional plan for me?

After helping 100’s of adults with nutrition I’ve found that most need to find what works for them. Plain and simple.

Obviously, the basics of a sound nutritional program need to be in place aka. lot’s of veggies, healthy unprocessed meats/protein’s, some fruits and of course limiting processed carbohydrates as much as possible if not completely (no cardboard carbs!) And lastly keeping your total consumed calories below your daily or weekly burned calories.

For example, a lot of people get set on one kind of diet/way of eating… aka. Paleo, Atkins, Keto, Whole 30, South Beach, the list goes on…

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