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Even though the lateral band walking exercise looks pretty strange (and feels strange at first), this exercise is a perfect way to improve hip stability, strengthen the hip abductors — particularly the glute medius — and increase stability of the knee joint.

As a part of a warm up routine, lateral band walking engages many of the deep muscles that are involved in stabilization of the pelvis. Doing this before working out can help improve hip stability and knee joint stabilization. This, in turn, improves overall body mechanics and movement efficiency during a workout or competition. This preparation is particularly … Read More

Recovery and Regeneration

Your Recovery Plan

The Objectives of Recovery and Regeneration   

1. Restore glycogen levels

2. Minimize the breakdown of muscle

3. Restore depleted electrolytes

4. Hydrate and Rehydrate

5. Offset the effects of free radicals

6. Reduce inflammation

7. Reduce muscle soreness

Have a post-exercise nutrition plan in place to consistently have recovery fuel options at your fingertips

WARNING: Waiting a few hours after workouts and competitions to eat and drink appropriate foods and fluids with energy delays exercise recovery.  While you may not feel like a large meal or a lot of solid food right after training, getting used to Read More

I recently read an article that conducted a study on high school sport specialization and the risk for lower extremity injuries. It was conducted with 29 high schools in Wisconsin and it involved 1500 students equally divided, male and female.

The study states that student-athletes that specialize in one sport had a 46% increased chance to sustain a lower extremity injury than student-athletes who did not specialize 24%. Plus, the specialized student-athletes had a 60% increased chance at sustaining a new lower extremity injury.

The most common type of previous injuries were ligament sprains (51%) and muscle/tendon strains (20%) to … Read More