Nutrition Counseling


Diet is one of the key components to experiencing a healthier lifestyle.

Individual Initial Consult with Food Log
Individual Session (1 hour)
Individual Follow-up (30 minutes)
Group Class (customized nutrition workshops – 30 minutes to 1 hour)

Grocery Store Training

Food Stores around Richboro, Warrington and throughout the rest of Bucks County are huge and getting bigger all the time. We can help with the feeling of “There are too many choices, what do I do?” or maybe it’s tough to understand what is really in the product or how to pick fresh produce.

We can help and you can get your shopping done at the same time. When it comes to understanding weight loss in Southampton, choosing the right foods is important.

Individual Session (1.5 hours)
Group Class (up to 6 adults, 1.5 hours)

Home Nutrition Counseling

Home visits can include in home & family counseling as well as Pantry, Freezer and Refrigerator Makeovers. Are you eating something that is working against you?

Individual Session (1 hour)

Virtual Consultations

For those of you with crazy schedules (or small children at home) that make it difficult to make an office appointment at our gym near Southampton during regular daytime hours, FITLIFE can do one-on-one virtual consults by appointment.

These Nutrition Consults can be done online, over the phone, Facetime, or with other apps that many smartphones have available from the comfort of your home in Richboro or Warminster. Being busy or “I can’t seem to find the time” is no longer an acceptable excuse for our Bucks County residents!

Individual Session (1 hour)
Monthly email support

After the weight loss consultation, our expert staff will work to help you find the right regimen to achieve your desired results. FITLIFE can provide you with the best personal training in Warrington from one of our expert trainers. For those that want more of a challenge, we offer a military style program. We offer a challenging bootcamp to Warminster meaning that our Bucks County residents will torch off calories leaving their bodies toned and ready for more!

For people seeking weight loss help and consultation in Southampton, Warrington, Richboro and Warminster, contact FITLIFE  today!