Spinning in Bucks County, PA

Burn more calories than ever before in our Spin Cycling studio! Our Spin Cycling studio is one of the only Official Certified Spinning studios in Bucks County, Warminster, Southampton and Jamison that uses a live display heart rate system called MyZone. This software allows you and our instructor to see a live display of “YOUR” actual heart rate during the spinning/cycling session.

Are your goals to burn only calories or burn fat?

Our heart rate system allows us to run each spinning session to not only burn calories, but fat too! For most individuals, reducing body fat is always the answer to getting faster, stronger and gaining self-confidence. Through our “HIIT” or high intensity interval training in your personal training session in Warrington, we present the best way to achieve this.  Understanding your heart rate and where exactly it should be during your session is not something you get at just any spin studio in Jamison, Southampton or Warminster, Bucks County.

FITLIFE Spin Studio is different!

While cycling and spinning has been around for a number of years now, our program is vastly different from others that just throw some spin bikes in a room and call it a Spinning program.  Our spin studio was designed for just that, spinning. Our spin instructors are certified through Mad Dogg Athletic making them official instructors, which allows our program to excel in holding each participant’s heart rate to individually adjust each workout to their exact needs.

Unlike other high intensity training programs and our fitness bootcamp in Jamison, our program has a unique advantage of being extremely hard, but at the same time extremely safe. No other form of high intensity cardio can compare to our spin studio in burning calories, staying safe and injury free while pushing yourself to the extreme. The natural movement of cycling has no negative impact on joint health, in fact orthopedic doctors and therapist recommend cycling as the first form of therapy for recovery as extreme as knee replacements and surgeries.

If you’re looking for a tough, but safe program that will whip your butt and get you sweating like crazy our spin program is it! For both adult and youth fitness training in Bucks County, PA, you’ll have a customized program that helps you reach your goals. Register for a free trial session now!