MYZONE is the only accurate monitoring device that wirelessly streams real time data and uploads exercise data stored to a member’s physical activity belt. It measures calories, heart rate and effort using MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), designed to reward effort rather than fitness.

Most importantly, MYZONE is specifically designed to maximize the potential of each member. Make the most of your training in Southampton by truly tracking your progress!

New MYZONE Members

FITLIFE has a member intregration program where we incentivize new members with a MEPs target during the “on boarding” process to encourage member engagement thru tracking user generated content.

We also use MYZONE as a tool to support our training clients, group exercise members, sports performance clients and further prove the calorific value of enhanced training services, such as our Award Winning MyZone in Southampton.

Member tracking, feedback, goal setting and competitions are additional ways we engage our clients and get the most out of each member.


  • Real Time heart rate monitoring system
  • Proven to increase workout intensity and maximize results by over 200%
  • Tracks everything about your workout: the intensity, duration, and every single heartbeat!
  • Proven to increase accountability by over 435%
  • A chest strap and monitoring system that transmits heart rate, calories and effort in real time to a live display and wirelessly uploads that data to a logbook that can be accessed online or through the free MYZONE® Lite App
  • The only exercise tracking system in the world that is able to provide real-time feedback of exercise intensity as well as wirelessly upload exercise data that has been stored, making the technology simple and convenient for everyone to use.