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Functional Training Fitness Bootcamp

We now offer functional training fitness bootcamps in Warminster, Jamison and surrounding areas. If you are interested in a new and exciting weight loss program near Warrington that will torch fat, then our functional training fitness bootcamps may be the training style for you!

New workouts and trends come and go, but you can always rely on basic functional exercises to get the most beneficial workout. That is why many people turn to the functional bootcamp training method. After all, bootcamp is what turns men and women into valued members of the military.

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What’s involved in our Functional Training Bootcamps?

  • High-Energy, fast passed workouts
  • Push a weighted sled, swing a kettlebell, whip some ropes and learn to use your own body weight under suspension.
  • Get the motivation you need to lose that extra weight, gain strength, power and flexibility.
  • The best functional bootcamp training around WHY? We have the best coaches and programs around with all the necessary functional training tools to support them.

It’s all about the HIIT sessions!

HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” and the reason why members of the military are the most physically fit is because bootcamp is composed of functional training intervals between running, bodyweight training, and weight training. This intense workout will leave you toned, chiseled, and ready for more! With our fitness bootcamp training, you will become the most fit you will ever be!

Our functional training bootcamp in Warminster has become one of the most popular ways of training because it forces you to challenge every muscle in your body. In just one workout, you will feel the burn and intensity, and will begin to notice your fitness level becoming higher after each workout.

By moving non-stop for an hour-long period and with little rest in between intervals, you will torch calories. In our fitness bootcamp class, you will increase your cardio and weight training skills. This class is a great way to shred fat and increase muscle tone.

Feel great after your workout

Afterwards, you will feel more energetic and have a new-found confidence. You will be treating yourself to a challenging workout, which is good for your overall physical strength and mental awareness.

The leading strength and conditioning coaches in the industry instruct FITLIFES functional training fitness bootcamps. They will push and motivate you continue to accomplish your fitness and health goals.

Benefits of Bootcamp and Functional Training

There are many benefits of our bootcamps and our group personal training. A certified trainer leads every session. Motivation and accountability gets our clients in the door and working hard, BUT we don’t just train them hard. We train clients by using functional training exercises that will not only burn calories, but also create better movements.

If someone comes to FITLIFE and just wants to workout really hard, we need to reeducate them and beat into their head that just working out hard WILL NOT WORK! We teach them movements that borderline a physical therapy session, all while keeping their heart rate is through the roof.

During our sessions, our clients will burn tons of calories and move lots of weight. By doing so, they gain strength and speed because they begin to move more efficiently. Clients go through a comprehensive movement screen before we train them. Why? The movement screen allows us, as fitness professionals, to teach our clients what to do, so they can move better during our workouts.

If a client displays the inability to squat correctly during our moment screen evaluation and we asked this client to go out and WORK REALLY HARD by doing squats or similar movements a couple things would happen. They will either get hurt or they will not be able to burn the same amount of calories and make the same strength gains they would otherwise gain from moving correctly or doing the squat correctly.

We find out what each client needs to do in order to move better. Then we teach them proper movement so they can continue to move better. This process is what allows our clients to then reach their goals.

Think you’re interested in attending our fitness bootcamp class?

If you are interested in our bootcamp or personal training near Southampton, contact us today for more information. FITLIFE has changed the lives of many members from Warminster, Jamison, and surrounding areas of Bucks County.

You too can join in on the fun today by becoming a member and by signing up for our fitness bootcamp class!