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Why we DON’T do CrossFit

And why we don’t think YOU should either…

Because you WILL GET HURT Yep I said it, so bring on the hate mail! At FITLIFE we get the question all the time so I thought I would address it and explain exactly WHY we don’t do CrossFit or CrossFit “like” workouts. The answer to this is really simple, the main goal of any Strength and Conditioning Coach “which is who we are” is to first and foremost prevent injuries. I know this doesn’t sound exciting and sexy but think about it for a second, think … Read More


The FITLIFE 21 DAY FAT LOSS CHALLENGE is here! The best fat loss challenge in Doylestown, Newtown, Jamison, Richboro and Bucks County is finally back. Our new and improved fat loss challenge, meal plans and personal training sessions are specific to each individual. We have offered the FITLIFE 21 DAY CHALLENGE before in fact this is our 5th time offering the challenge in 2 years but, every time we offer and run one of these challenges we get better and better at it. This November 3rd our 21 DAY FAT LOSS CHALLENGE will undoubtedly be our best yet.… Read More

Plan your Diet Around Your Workout!

It’s easy to bounce around from diet to diet in a seemingly endless search for the one, out of thousands, that is going to be perfect for you. Instead of putting yourself through the agony of experimenting with vague, unscientific diets, you should try customizing a diet around your schedule. I have heard too many people trying diets, like the “no carbs after 2PM diet”, that are not tailored to their needs and may end up doing more harm than good. What if you work 2nd shift or exercise at night? Should these individuals follow it the same way … Read More