About FITLIFE Performance Training


Fitlife helps each individual improve the quality of their life through dedication and a commitment to the FITLIFE Pledge. It states…

“I now see life distractions and limitations as challenges, and I am ready to commit my time and effort to overcoming such obstacles in order to improve my overall health and athletic ability. I understand that my success will be limited only by my desire.”

FITLIFE believes fitness should enhance your life. Our fitness center in Warminster and Southampton, PA will get your entire body fit will help you be better in sports and in life itself, giving you more energy and still giving you the changes in appearance you first wanted from a fitness program.

Muscle for Muscle’s sake won’t help you hit a golf ball further, nor will it help you keep up with your kids, play tennis at a higher level or feel better about how you look and feel.


FITLIFE is one of the best fitness centers in Warminster and Southampton, PA because we succeed with helping you with everyday challenges in life. Our work in and around Jamison, PA over the years with so many different clients has led to some substantial breakthroughs in training that can be applied to every member we have.

When you achieve success with so many different types of people who bring many different and unique training challenges, you eventually build a philosophy and gain experience that can be applied to everyone.

This workout philosophy can be applied to a weekend golfer in Jamison, PA, who just wants to wallop his drive past his buddy’s, the youth athlete looking to prevent injury and increase athleticism, mature folks who want to retain strength and mobility, or to the working mom who has to balance on heels, pushing a shopping cart, and keep up with her kids. Fitness should not only improve the way you look and feel, but also improve the way you live and work.

What are we about?

At FITLIFE we have been guiding first-time exercisers, frustrated current exercisers and experienced fitness enthusiasts at our gym near Jamison, PA for over 12 years.

When this business was founded, we started with the basic thought that we want to help everyone who walks through our fitness center in Warminster and Southampton PA, benefit from the fitness experience. This early belief led to our unique philosophy that we can individualize fitness for each and every customer.

At FITLIFE you can use our weight management program, participate in group exercise classes, use our exclusive MYZONE Technology, buy nutritional products or take part in any of our specialty programs, such as group personal training. This way of thinking is called solution based. Simply put, you have a need or goal and our staff will develop an individualized program that will help you get it done safely, quickly and get you results.


Joining our FITLIFE gym is the first step, and the right step, to get you started on your journey to fitness. And remember, no matter what reason gets you thinking about change, at FITLIFE, our gym can provide everything you need to take that important first step. Please feel free to visit our fitness center in Warminster and Southampton, PA or call us if you have questions about FITLIFE and how “We Change Lives”!